Terra Modelling Services Inc.
Exploration, Economics, Engagement
  1. Our Focus
    TMS Inc. focusses on the business of commodity discovery, exploration and definition. A small team with wide experience, we can deliver timeous insight that is relevant and useful, while helping our customers in their planning and development, including stakeholder engagement.
  2. Our Reach
    Our team members have worked on 6 continents in multiple commodities, with backgrounds in junior and multinational mining companies. We have partnerships with some of the foremost mining engineering companies, extending our reach even further.
  3. Our People
    TMS Inc. is primarily a geological consultancy, with some additional services. Our people are experienced professionals with excellent track records.
Our Approach
TMS Inc. started as a small company primarily offering geological modelling services. Within the space of four years, it has expanded, mostly due to customer demand for affordable, high-quality, but relevant geological services. Once we have identified the client's needs, we tailor our services specifically to address these needs, thereby helping the client achieve their goals. We have the ability to offer a wide range of services when requested - from petrography to exploration project management, from economic studies to resource defintion, NI43-101 and JORC. In addition, we can offer community engagement services, including significant experience with Indigenous People's engagement.

Our commodity reach is signifcant, and includes diamonds, potash, phosphate, iron ore, uranium, lithium, boron, magnesium and others.

Our newest product is a Commodity Forecast Service, for a wide range of mining and agricultural commodities. 

Terra Modelling Services has been an integral part of our project team, and has contributed significantly to the success of our projects.  Especially appreciated is the creativity that Louis brings to every task, and his ability to be pragmatic and innovative at the same time.  Louis approaches the industry with a fresh perspective, and challenges the status quo.  This is a trait Gensource considers to be very important, as it is our fundamental approach to almost everything we do; we challenge norms, and are happy to have found Terra Modelling Services who is capable of doing the same based on sound geological and statistical principles.   Having a project partner in Terra ensures that we get quality work, great customer service, and ultimately have an advocate for our approach.  We look forward to continuing to foster our relationship with Louis and the rest of the team at Terra.

- Mike Ferguson, CEO, Gensource Potash Corporation
American Pacific worked with Mr. Fourie and Terra Modelling Services to create our maiden and final JORC compliant resource.  He was able to not only complete the task in a tight timeframe, but he also was able to provide support and personnel that helped to strengthen and improve our drilling campaign.  His strengths and expertise go beyond just modelling, and include the entire drilling program and helps to ensure that the QA/QC programs are robust and will stand up to any scrutiny.  It has been a pleasure to work with him and his team.  I would highly recommend TMS and would certainly engage him again.

- Michael X. Schlumpberger, CEO, American Pacific Borate and Lithium