At Terra Modelling Services, we offer training for professional development for the services we offer.  These training programs can all be tailored to the experience level of the audience and use your own data sets to make the experience more relevant to your staff.  From exploration best practices through to grade control and reconciliation we can help.

Partial List of Training Services

Fundamentals of Exploration - This program covers the basics, from sampling theory, effective target generation, drilling, logging and sampling and the timely analysis of results. 

QA/QC - Quality Assurance and Quality Control - QA/QC has evolved from the common practice of simply including blanks and standards at the sampling stage to incorporate the entire process from greenfield exploration through to product recovery.  We walk through the entire process using your data to show the steps involved in data collection, data review and peer review starting with greenfield projects through to life of mine.

Fundamentals of Resource Estimation - Covering the steps of resource estimation from data collection and review through to industry focused geostatistical analysis and interpretation.

Grade Control and Reconciliation - Best practices regarding ore grade control and reconciling with the mill product

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